We take pride in have been working with important partners, national and international companies that carry out commercial activities in Romania. Our professional expertise has been acquired as a result of our professional formation within and together with important law firms, of our professional collaboration with lawyers from the European Union.

For us it is crucial to build together with our clients long-term relationships, based on trust, confidentiality, integrity and professionalism. Moreover, the relationships established with the internal departments of these firms are based on collaboration relationships and have one purpose only: to reach the Client’s objectives.

We always build our cases on a preliminary analysis of all possible situations that might occur as well as on the awareness of the chances and risks that our clients have to know and assume. Our clients will benefit from anticipated representation regarding the outcome of taking certain commitments, the chances and risks they assume.

We are constantly trying to understand our clients’ business, analyzing the two aspects of it: the economical side and the legal one, in order to make sure firstly that they enjoy the best guarantees for doing their business and secondly that their business takes into account the tendencies of the market, of the competition and the opportunities existing on the market at a given moment.